This is a hybrid obtained by crossing Mandarin ^^Fortune^^ with the ^^Havana^^. The hybrid was made and patented by researchers at the CRA-ISAGRU of Acireale (CT) Reforgiato Giuseppe Recupero, Giuseppe Russo and Santo Recovery.

The plant is of medium development, vegetative habitus foam plugs and presents small. The leaves are elliptical in shape with pointed apex, petiole of medium length with fins rudimentary, similar to those of Mandarin.

The most interesting features of Mandala ® are: a lack of seeds (with pollen sterility thus does not induce the formation of seeds in the fruits of other cultivars of citrus fruits) and his time of maturation, significantly delayed. Collection started up in late February and continues until April.Fruits – oblate shape, average weight of about 100 g, thin skin-grained, orange and poor adherence to pulp – and not stand up well on the plants tend to dry out.

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